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24 Apr 2020

Case Studies and Applications

Indicators and scenarios have been tested for a series of case studies at different levels, namely those of selected single production chains, regional or country-scale case studies, and case studies at the European scale.

The cases studies have been conducted within the framework of the EU-project EFORWOOD, the Northern Periphery Programme-project Northern ToSIA, the bioE-bioD project funded by the Metsämiesten Säätiö Foundation and individual studies, as well as INFRES , OPERAS , Tech4Effect and BenchValue project :

  1. European Forest Wood Chain (EFORWOOD)
  2. Scandinavian production driven case (EFORWOOD)
  3. Iberian product driven case (EFORWOOD)
  4. Baden Württemberg regional case of both production and consumption (EFORWOOD)
  5. Bioenergy case study in North Karelia, Finland (Northern ToSIA)
  6. Reindeer husbandry and forestry interaction case study in Malå, Sweden (Northern ToSIA)
  7. Cairngorm National Park case study in Scotland (Northern ToSIA)
  8. Case study in Norway (Northern ToSIA)
  9. BioE-BioD alternative resource use case in Finland (BioE-BioD)
  10. Local bio energy case for Lake Como Region


Currently ongoing projects and initiatives are:


The project focuses on increasing access to wood resources through data and knowledge based forest management. Better understanding of the business models governing the procurement of forest operations services is also in the focus of TECH4EFFECT. The project further considers increasing efficiency in forest harvesting and collection, and the reduction of soil impact from forest operations, and puts forward ways of making this a measurable and integrated part of operational efficiency.