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19 Mar 2014

ToSIA Demo version

Run ToSIA demo.

Please note, that you must have JRE (Java Runtime Environment v.1.6 or later) installed on you computer, to be able to run the demo version. Java 7 will not run this demo with the default security settings. If this happens for you, please follow workaround instructions at the Oracle site. You need to add into the Exception Site list.

ToSIA opening screenshot

The demonstration version of ToSIA contains some example Forest Wood Chains with some interactive functions to illustrate the potential and introduce users to the functions of ToSIA.

The example data used in the demo version are from the paper by Werhahn-Mees et al. (2010). The authors used ToSIA to assess and compare sustainability impacts of three alternative and complementary pine-based bioenergy production chains in Nordic Countries. Technologies studied were selected among those that are in commercial use in the typical bioenergy production chains in the area:

  • Pine Chain with Pellet Production;
  • Pine Chain with Pellet and Wood Chips Production;
  • Pine Chain with Pellet and Wood Chips Production including harvesting residues.