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25 Mar 2022


What is TMUG?

TMUG is the ToSIA Management and User Group. Any organisation interested in using and maybe even further improving ToSIA (an innovative, do-your-own-scenarios Tool for Sustainability Impact Assessment) for its further use, dissemination and development is welcome.

Functions of TMUG

The main purposes of TMUG are to:

  • maintain and promote the further development of the ToSIA tool and data;
  • facilitate the information flow between the members;
  • define the means and conditions by which organisations can have access to ToSIA;
  • keep a record, as far as possible, of development work regarding ToSIA Deliverables.

TMUG extranet site - TMUG members only

How to become a TMUG member?

The procedure for joining TMUG (ToSIA Management and User Group), with which you get access to the ToSIA tool and space on our ToSIA database server is easy:

  1. In order to join, your department head needs to sign the TMUG MoU (ToSIA Management and User Group Memorandum of Understanding) and send it to the TMUG Coordinator ( as a digital and as a paper copy.
  2. Along with the TMUG MoU send a short introduction of your institute and a letter of motivation why you want to join TMUG and what your plans in using and/or developing ToSIA are.
  3. This information will be shared among the TMUG members who then vote on your acceptance to become a TMUG member.
  4. When you are accepted, you get access to the TMUG-member webpages. There you have access to the latest ToSIA version, extensive background information and documents, an active ToSIA user community with whom to exchange experiences and ideas, etc

TMUG Members

Number Member Institute name Country
1 vTI Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute, Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries Germany
2 EFI European Forest Institute Finland
3 Skogforsk Skogforsk Sweden
10 SLU Sveriges Lantsbruksuniversitet (SLU) Sweden
15 FCBA FCBA, Pole Biotechnologie, Silviculture France
25 Tapio Tapio Finland
29 LAMMC LAMMC - Lithuanian Research Center for Agriculture and Forestry Lithuania
32 Chalmers Chalmers University of Technology Sweden
34 Aalto Aalto University, Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems, School of Chemical Engineering Finland

Contact info

For more information please contact us at or Simo Varis - TMUG Coordinator, EUROPEAN FOREST INSTITUTE (EFI), Yliopistokatu 6B, 80100 Joensuu, Finland, tel. +358 10 773 4300