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12 May 2014

Sustainability issues in the Northern Periphery, 2009

Northern ToSIA workshop, Umeå, Sweden. 13-14.08.2009

Workshop report

Sustainability of forest resource use – regional context, Paula Mikkola, Regional Contact Point for Finland, Regional Council of Lapland

Overview of regional development planning practices, Marja Kolström, EFI

Overview of CSR reporting practices, Diana Vötter, EFI

Promoting sustainable forest management through certification standards, Peter Wilson, The UK Woodland Assurance Standard

Introduction of ToSIA tool, Marcus Lindner, EFI

Introduction of indicators of sustainability (ecological, economical and social) Diana Vötter, EFI

ToSIA demonstration using a case from North Sweden, Diana Vötter, EFI

Presentations of case studies in Northern ToSIA:

Case study specific indicators
Discussion about cases Scotland, Sweden, Finland and Norway: which aspects of sustainability, lead questions and specific indicators are important in each case