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01 Dec 2020


Presentations from conferences, workshops, training events

ToSIA used in the built environment

SMARTA Demonstrator project stakeholder meeting, online 16.11.2020

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Swedish case study
Finnish case study
Swiss case study

Project Dissemination Conference "Northern Forests Leading the Way to Sustainability" 18-19.8.2011 Rovaniemi, Finland

ToSIA -tool- general

Vötter D, Lindner M: Introduction - providing decision support for regional sustainable development Lindner M: Conference summary and closing remarks

Case studies

Kolström M: Case study in Finland: Forest use for bioenergy
Valinger E, Berg S, Lind T: Case study in Sweden: Malå case
Davidson F, Pizzirani S, Edwards D: Case study in Scotland: Multifunctional Landscapes
Vennesland B, Myhre M: Case study in Norway: Scenarios in Indre Helgeland

den Herder, Michael: BioEBioD: North Karelia, Finland

Participatory processes

Diana Vötter, E. Valinger, Staffan Berg, David Edwards, Marja Kolström, Bernhard Wolfslehner, Tommi Suominen, Marcus Lindner (2011). "ToSIA as a communication platform for stakeholder interaction and decision support (conference paper; proceedings).

Diana Tuomasjukka, Staffan Berg, Marja Kolström, Marcus Lindner, M (2012). "Review of legal and voluntary instruments and methods for assessing sustainability of FennoScandinavian forests and their use". (Conference paper at 2nd World Sustainability Forum (online; 1-30 Nov, 2012); full paper under review)

Local perspectives for the use of ToSIA -tool:

Korhonen K-M, Forestry Centre of Lapland: Possibilities and challenges for sustainable natural resource use in the Northern Periphery
Winsa H, Sveaskog: Sustainable use of forest land gives bright prospects in the Northern Periphery
Keskimölö A, Forestry Centre of Lapland: ToSIA tool - some perspectives from local stakeholder
Pitkänen P, Regional Council of North Karelia: Northern ToSIA and the Case of North Karelia Climate and Energy Programme 2020
Sulkava P, Forestry Centre of Finland: Pallas-Ylläs National Park and ToSIA methodology

Dubrovnik Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems. Dubrovnik, Croatia. 25-29.9.2011

Diana Vötter, Erik Valinger, Staffan Berg, David Edwards, Marja Kolström, Bernhard Wolfslehner, Tommi Suominen, Marcus Lindner. ToSIA as a communication platform for stakeholder interaction and decision support. (SDEWES11-0794).

Marja Kolström, Matias Pekkanen, Heikki Karppinen, Michael den Herder, Tommi Suominen, Diana Vötter, Marcus Lindner. The application of a sustainability impact assessment tool to support regional sustainable development planning in North Karelia, Finland. (SDEWES11-0731).

Staffan Berg, Erik Valinger, Torgny Lind. Forestry and Reindeer Husbandry in Northern Sweden - The Malå case study in The Northern ToSIA Research Project. (SDEWES11-0769).

Joensuu Forest Networking Week. Forests and Energy. Joensuu, Finland. 22-27.5.2011

Marcus Lindner: Multidimensional sustainability assessment of forest energy production

Diana Vötter, Marcus Lindner, Matias Pekkanen. Forests and natural resource policy: Tosia- tool. 3-day ToSIA exercise with group work.

Assessing the Sustainability Impacts of Forest Management in Northern Europe – a Scottish Perspective, Aviemore, Scotland. 20.05.2010

Northern ToSIA workshop presentations

Sustainability issues in the Northern Periphery, Umeå, Sweden. 13-14.08.2009

Northern ToSIA workshop presentations

Other events

Tommi Suominen, Sergey Zudin, Marcus Lindner and Peter Verweij: Utilization of OpenMI for Calculation of Material Flows in the Tool for Sustainability Impact Assessment (ToSIA), International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software - Managing Resources of a Limited Planet, Sixth Biennial Meeting. July 1-5, 2012 Leipzig, Germany.

Tommi Suominen, Marcus Lindner, Diana Vötter, Irina Prokofieva, Bernhard Wolfslehner, Filip Aggestam, Martina Roubalova and Petr Kneblik: Tosia – A Tool For Sustainability Impact Assessment, Applied To Forest-Wood-Chains, presentation at the 6th International Conference on Industrial Ecology. June 7-10, 2011 San Francisco, USA.

Tommi Suominen: Tosia – A Tool For Sustainability Impact Assessment, Applied To Forest-Wood-Chains. ToSIA Seminar June 13:th and ToSIA workshop June 14:th, 2011, FPInnovations, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Tommi Suominen, Marcus Lindner, Diana Vötter, Wendelin Werhahn-Mees, Matias Pekkanen: ToSIA- A Tool for Sustainability Impact Assessment of Forest-Wood Chains. Third International Conference on Eco-Efficiency. 9-11 June 2010, Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands.